Don’t call me Tomato!

Tomatillos are often mistaken for regular, not yet ripe tomatoes. So did I. And it doesn’t help, that they are just called tomates verdes here. So in my mind, I already travelled to the Whistle Stop Cafe to hang out with the girls from “Fried Green Tomatoes”. But I soon learnt that tomatillos are related to the cape gooseberry – hence, the slightly sticky feeling and the paper-like husk.

In the Mexican cuisine, they are used for all sorts of salsas (e.g. salsa verde) and chilis. Most people cook or fry them, but I do like to eat them uncooked. Raw, they have a crisp, slightly sour taste, almost like a very fresh apple, and I like to add them to salads. However, I even used them for stir fry vegetables and it added a pleasantly tangy note to it. I also put some tomatillos in a classic ratatouille and although every Frenchman would probably kill me for saying this, I actually liked the exotic touch. That’s my share of crossover cuisine, I guess!


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