Speedos? Seriously?

So as I told you, I spent Easter Sunday at the beach. Crystal clear water, blue skies, white sand – a perfect spot to hang out. Even at Easter. And also a great spot to get some eye candy. And eye crap. I mean, is there any etiquette for beachwear? There sure should be! You can buy all sorts of books that tell you what to wear at a black tie event, a cocktail party, first get-together with your soon to be in-laws… But who tells you about what to wear at the beach?

So there I was watching children play in the water while the seagulls were floating above – and along came Mr Speedo in flashing orange. And I am talking super tight speedos here. Urgh! What the hell do those guys think? OK, yes, some may look good. David Beckham wears them. But he could be wearing ANYTHING and still look good. And let’s face it, not many guys can pull it off like David Beckham. Well, this guy for sure couldn’t.

So honestly, what DO they think? Do they enjoy having everything exposed like there is no tomorrow? And then there is also a certain way speedo guys get out of the water: They scan their surrounding while blowing up their chest and sucking in their belly and then they start walking – or let’s say: prancing. And I am never sure where they want us to look. Is that like a male cleavage substitute?

Anyhow, I got a little obsessed with this speedo subject, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this:

Although Speedos aren’t worn so much in the United States nor Great Britain, they are very popular around the world as swimwear on beaches and pools in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Russia.

Seriously? That’s like almost everywhere! So maybe that’s the reason while everybody loves to drink margaritas on the beach – this way they all turn into David Beckhams and all of a sudden, speedos don’t seem like such a bad fashion choice after all…


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