Fancy a swim in a puddle?

Today, I got overtaken by a very sudden and very heavy shower. For one thing is for sure: When it rains, it pours – literally.

So there I was seeking shelter under a roof of a mall with plenty of other shoppers and within seconds, the road rather bore a resemblance to a  river than to a – well, road. After about 5 minutes, the shower was over and everybody went about his or her business again and I hurried back to my car. Not without sinking up to my ankles into puddles – or rather: ponds.

And that is when I asked myself: What is it that we avoid rain so much? We take showers, some of us (e.g. people living in Mexico…) several times during the day, we love the idea of relaxing at a spa, taking mineral baths and whatnot – even mud baths! People brag about their jacuzzis. We drive hours to get a swim in the sea. Lakes tempt us to just jump into their crystal clear water. And some of us even choose water for their fitness activities.

So why then did I wrinkle my nose in disgust when stepping into a foot-deep puddle? Why do we take our umbrellas as soon as it starts drizzling? (Well, not the Seattleites, I actually did not use my umbrella once while living there.) We put on our wellies, our raincoats and rainhats and try everything to remain dry – only to get to the next swimming bath where we take it all off and jump into the water.

Children are not like that. They like playing in the rain and getting wet, I remember that I loved to be outside in the rain. So when and why do we change? Same goes for muddy and sticky stuff. When do we decide that sludge is to be avoided? Or that we need to wash our hands immediately after eating a deliciously sticky toffee?

So next time I take a swim in a local puddle, I will put on my happy face. Promised.


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