Mexican Design Project II: The Wellness Apartment

So in my last post, I was praising the indoor water system of our newly found (what we thought soon-to-be) condo. But of course, the fun didn’t end right there, you might have guessed that there had to be more. Uuh, the pleasures of Mexican new constructions!

After we had discovered the unpleasantly wet features of the apartment, we made the effort to look a little closer, and what we found blew us away!

Being a passionate cook, I took a particular interest in the kitchen. And it was beautiful! The condo had an open kitchen with a big block in the middle – perfect for inviting friends, sipping a glass of wine while preparing a wonderful meal. However, when I opened the cabinets, I found that you could only open one side at a time. When opening all doors at the same time (which might happen when there are more than one person in the kitchen), the doors were slamming into each other and you couldn’t walk anymore but had to jump over the ajar cabinet doors. After thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that this must be a built-in workout area: a fancy kitchen hurdle race. Now that would add some cheeriness to a friendly get-together, wouldn’t it?

Enthusiastically I called my husband only to find him busy inspecting one of the bathrooms. There they had installed an air vent at the ceiling that blocked the door of the toilet. Only a very slim person could get in and out – better watch your diet, pal. No more beans and cervezas. The architect explained to us that the door was meant to be opened inwards but upon trying, the door hit the toilet bowl. And the architect preferred to take an urgent phone call.

In all the showers, they had somehow managed to build the drain on the highest point as well – they sure did follow through on this idea. So taking a shower automatically included a foot bath.

It became very clear to me that this apartment was made for relaxation. However, if whoever lives there now should have enough of the spa like atmosphere, there is an easy way out: Just step into the laundry room that was completely under water and turn on the washer and dryer. Electrocution was already included in the rent.




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