So what did YOU do on Sunday?

Yesterday was just another perfect day for the beach, and since my husband works at least 6 days a week, I had been looking forward to a quiet Sunday, watching huge Mexican families getting drunk, growing some more freckles and observing swimwear dos and don’ts.

Woman sewing on old treadle machine

Woman sewing on old treadle machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before we went to the beach, however, we decided it was time to buy me a sewing machine. (Yes, yes, I am trying to get this whole housewife thing down. Plus with the arrival of some new babies, it might be time to get crafty.)So off we went to SEARS in Playa where they offererd a moderate variety of sewing machines. Far more expensive than in the US, but well… I have to say, I hate shopping for household appliances or furniture here. The sales people all flock together in a corner and as soon as someone sets foot into the store, they JUMP at that poor person. No matter what you want to buy, you get a summary of all current discounts, various payment methods, and they keep sticking to you like chewing gum to a heel.

Finally, we gave this young guy the satisfaction as to make a purchase – and he told us the machine could be delivered in 2 weeks. -?- Any other machines available for today? No, they all had to be delivered. So we decided it was time to drive all the way to Cancun which is about 40 miles (or 60 kilometres) up north. Well, never mind, because then we could also get a new battery for my watch. 2 birds, 1 stone.

We were lucky, we did get a sewing machine straight away (and it even has a flower on it!), and we set out for our next adventure: changing a battery. We went to a store where my husband had got his watch fixed – he is a watch lover and has some really NICE watches. Mine, however, is just a pretty watch that indicates the time. The nice lady in the posh jewelry store sent us to their service center, for which we had to drive across the whole city. Luckily, there was a MANGO store next to it – 3 birds, 1 stone.

The guy at the service center looked at my watch in disgust and told us, we should rather go to another store where they sell less exclusive watches. That store could be found on the other side of MANGO, so after browsing through the latest collection, we entered the third store in search of a battery. Oh no, said the sales guy with a very feminine tone of regret, we don’t do this here. You have to go to our service center – which happened to be in the same mall as the first jeweller. Since we didn’t fancy driving all the way back, we tried yet another jeweller in foot distance. Oh no, the friendly young man said in a similarly feminine voice, we can only exchange batteries for watches that were purchased here. We might want to try a store in Playa del Carmen – which is where we came from!

After 4 hours of trial and error shopping, I came to the following conclusions:

1. Sometimes the good is closer by than we might think.

2. Sometimes the good is farther away than we might think.

3. A feminine voice might get a guy into pretty fancy Mexican jewelry stores.

On a different note, my watch is still dead as dead can be.


2 thoughts on “So what did YOU do on Sunday?

  1. Saw you on expat lingo. Great post – can totally relate. Changing my watch battery in Shanghai was a similarly long, drawn out experience. They couldn’t understand why I just didn’t buy a new watch!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience!
      Haha, I am sure that getting a cheap fake watch might be considered the easier solution there… I hope your watch might survive now for a looong time!

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