Chico Zapote – The Hiccup Fruit

Lately, our dog Mrs P. could be seen running about with her nose on the ground, sniffing like a mad dog and munching away on a strange looking fruit. She got so addicted to it, that it became difficult to get her inside – which got me very suspicious of this very ugly fruit. They look like sort of an ugly fig with a brown papery skin and their seeds appear like red beans, while their flesh seemed very mushy to me.

Moreover, having grown up with all the tales of Emil of Loenneberga, I got scared that while at the moment, Mrs P. might still resemble a truffle pig, she might soon turn into Emil’s clever pig and get drunk on fermented fruits in her stomach…

Luckily, nothing happened, but I finally wanted to know what they were. Whom else to ask than our housekeeper Auri? Auri looked at me with big eyes and said, why those are most delicious chico zapotes! Of course, how stupid of me!

Since the fruits hung rather high in the tree and I wasn’t too keen on climbing up on an old rusty ladder, I instead bought some chico zapotes at the supermarket. But when I tried them, I was up for a bad surprise: They tasted like pears, but not like pears and they had a strange dryness to them that caused me long-lasting hiccups. It appeared to me, they might not be ripe yet, but how was I to know? Between those hiccups I tried to convince Mrs P. to eat the fruits, but apparently, the appeal lies in finding them on the ground or in the earthy flavour that comes with it.

So no more chico zapotes for me, and even Mrs P. seems to have grown a little tired of those ugly little fruits…


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