Say Hello to Rain Season

So there we go again. The rainy season has started. Right on time, may I add, for the arrival of my brother in-law from England. At least, he won’t get homesick, I guess.

And while I hear all the summer-sunshine-ice-cream stories from home and read the summer-is-beautiful stories from my fellow bloggers, the water level in our pool is undeniably rising, in fact, wouldn’t our pool guy take out some water once in a while, our whole garden would be flooded by now. And it’s for free, that’s the good news.

Some of you might remember my struggles with a local newly designed outdoor swimming pool on the parking lot of our supermarket and my good intentions when it comes to rainy weather. And yes, I have managed so far to not get annoyed by all the water, only my dog Mrs P. sadly refuses to leave the house. Well, she is a princess.

Rain here is a funny thing. You cannot put on your rainboots, since it is too hot. Same goes for rain jackets. Often you cannot take an umbrella, because it is too gusty. But nobody really seems to care. Water is getting in everywhere, into every house, every shop, every restaurant. (Which can be helpful when being househunting.) People spend more time in shopping malls. It rains through the roof there, too, but you have enough space to move around all the buckets. A clear advantage to their tiny homes.

On the streets, the water rises so high that you can sometimes just pray that you may float in the direction you want to go. People who only have a scooter have to take the little public transport vans. Or they just stay at home, which is the more common thing to do.

Rain is a perfect tool to spot newly arrived expats. They are the ones who look at all the buckets and indoor puddles in astonishment, shaking their heads, while the rest of us just go on about their day without even noticing those minor details.

Rain is also good for downtown bars. Frustrated tourists seek shelter and get drunk. Maybe it is easier to tolerate the wet surrounding when it all becomes blurry.

No, I cannot say that I have been particularly looking forward to the rainy season, and I hope that we will get some nicer days soon so we can show my brother in-law around. If not, well, then at least he knows what summer is all about on the Riviera Maya!


8 thoughts on “Say Hello to Rain Season

  1. That’s a lot of rain! If your garden does flood, you can just tell people you have an infinity pool 🙂

    My father-in-law grew up in a house with a dirt floor in Mexico. I imagine that they must have just had one big mud pit during the rainy season. I’ll have to ask him about it.

    • Haha, like the infinity pool idea!
      My cleaning lady also has a dirt floor and also no roof over her bathroom. It is amazing what we take for granted, isn’t it?

  2. My daughter and I are scheduled to arrive this Saturday, May 26th in Cancun. We didn’t think the rainy season started this early. We could reschedule for the following week in Cancun for $500 each, I’m nervous about doing that since who is to say that the weather will be any better the following week. We could postpone and come to Cancun in November, or we could pay $200 and go to Cabo which is supposed to be in the 90’s . What would you do? I need some advice from someone who knows the climate more than we do.

    • Hey Patty, thanks for stopping by!
      Whoa, that’s a tough one… For the moment, it looks like the worst is over. For now. Weather has been kind of unpredictable lately, since when the forecast shows thunderstorms that could mean rain at night or a brief shower every now and then or non stop rain. It all depends on the wind.
      November is not an option. It is hurricane seasons, last year November was pretty nasty.
      The weatherforecast for Cabo San Lucas is plain sunshine. So I would say if you don’t feel like taking any risks, that would be the best choice. But again, could be that the weather here will be beautiful apart from few raindrops and then you might regret spending the extra money. It all comes down to how much of a risk taker you are! 😉 good luck with the decision and have a fabulous sunny vacation!

  3. Thanks so much for getting back with me. I guess we will call the hotel and the airlines and see what deals can be made. We might just have our decision made for us if we can’t get everything to line up. My daughter just graduated with her master’s degree and Cancun was her choice. She wants to swim with the whale sharks, para-sail and all that fun stuff….:). Next 10 day forecast is for rain but now that I know that may not mean 24 hours of rain it might not be as bad as I anticipate. Thanks so much for your help. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the clouds will disappear!

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