Let’s talk about Weather!

English: cloud and rain, weather forecast symbol

English: cloud and rain, weather forecast symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was surprised to see how many clicks my latest post about the rainy season got. It confirms my very strong believes that weather is still under the top ten subjects of all times.

In fact, what would we talk about if we didn’t have weather? When we got here my Spanish was so rusty, weather was THE subject I felt most comfortable with. Let’s just stick with it, shall we?

Cocktail Party At The Imperial Hotel: March 13...

Cocktail Party At The Imperial Hotel: March 13, 1961 (Tokyo, Japan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you meet new people, every awkward silence can be overcome by a short comment about the current weather condition. All of a sudden, everybody starts talking.

Why is that? Is it because everybody knows about weather? Frankly, if back then somebody here would have started a conversation about the forth-coming elections, I would have been in a fix. (And I admit to still only know basic data. Shame on me.) Or go and try to talk about the latest art exhibition in town – only few people can participate. But we all know weather. And we are all interested in weather.

[en] weatherman weather forecaster, meteorolog...

[en] weatherman weather forecaster, meteorology, meteorologist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We like to make comparisons. This May is very wet. Is this normal? How was last May? What do you think June will be like? Were you here last May? It was beautiful back then, but that was very unusual. – Bam, 5 minutes of conversation! A weather forecaster must be a heck of a party guest!

What always surprises me is how people expect the weather in foreign countries to be exactly the same every year. Like when people ask me what a particular month is like in Mexico. I always ask them about the weather in their country then, and most of the times, we all come to the friendly conclusion that weather does not follow any rules.

So, please: If you ask me what the best time is to visit the Riviera Maya – I don’t know. There is a rough guideline, yes. May to November are the rainy months. But did we have rain last year from May to November? No. It was raining a lot in January, though. Very unusual. And again, a perfect subject to do some smalltalk with our gardener.

English: sun, weather forecast symbol

English: sun, weather forecast symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See, I even filled a whole post with this universal, all-time favourite subject! Hooray for weather for making our conversations so much easier!


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Weather!

  1. You’re lucky! In China, people really don’t talk about the weather so I have to look to other conversation starters. I tend to talk about food – that’s a safe topic here.

    • You poor thing! No weather talks? Yikes. But I agree, food seems like a good alternative. After all, everybody has to eat, right?
      Thanks for your comment!

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