To wear or not to wear

Until yesterday, my brother in-law was staying with us for a few days which gave us an opportunity to (again) do all the fun tourist stuff. On those days when it wasn’t raining buckets. So once again, I felt like a tourist and got to all the tourist watch hotspots. (Some of you may remember that I LOVE to watch tourists!)

And it crossed my mind: Why are tourists so prone to bad choices when it comes to their holiday outfits? It seems that they like to buy anything that appears to be funny. Possibly only after a couple of drinks at the beach bar. Yes, we all like to spend more money when travelling, but the vacation taste level is something that often leaves me in awe.

To be honest, I too stumbled into the same pitfall once. I was 15 and on a summer vacation with my best friend in the north of France, when I discovered a super hot black and white stretch dress that made me look like a sad cladded stick. On top of that, I fell in love with a silly something that was supposed to be a hat. It was made from red and golden brocade, and I still have no idea what was with its shape. It was just sitting on my head like a frisbee and the minute I moved my head, it slipped off. Really bad. I put it in my suitcase and looked at it from time to time proud of my daring purchase. After that, though, I never managed to come home with something REALLY stupid.

Stuffed tiger wearing a sombrero

Stuffed tiger wearing a sombrero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I am not alone. Hats are very popular amongst tourists. Of course, hats come in handy at the beach, but a lot of tourists who normally never dare to wear a hat like to go overboard during their vacation. They like to put them on with a big gesture as if trying to say: “I know it looks silly, but it is my holiday!” while inside they hope everybody will notice how cute they look.

It seems that people on vacation like to buy things they consider funny. I mean, honestly, ladies, would you ever consider wearing a long stretchy cross-striped dress at home? (And I am not talking to the Kate Mosses amongst us. THEY can wear anything anyway.) No? Why? Because it makes you look bigger? Guess what, same rule applies during vacation but nobody seems to care at a beach resort. And only because you make a funny face for the camera, your body doesn’t look smaller.

What’s with those funny pictures anyway? People like to put on silly hats, stick out their tongues, give the photographer a cross-eyed look – while at home they always try to sit pretty for the picture. Do they truly believe their colleagues will get jealous when they see them pulling faces in really bad clothes?

Tattoo in progress

Tattoo in progress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And what happens to their purchases after their holidays? Do they throw them out or do they keep it like I did back then? Some souvenirs, though, are hard to get rid of anyway. Since sometimes, strange looking clothes are not enough. People like to go wild on vacation. The accountant sips a margarita and decides to go for a tattoo or a piercing or both. At home, she will only show that to her best friend and they will both giggle a little. But who knows, maybe when she is 90, she will still look at that little heart and sigh and think of her wild vacation…

I really have to have a look now whether I still kept my red and golden thingy somewhere… Man, those were good times…


6 thoughts on “To wear or not to wear

  1. We travel alot and often observe the funny stuff being sold as keepsakes. We like to imagine certain items sitting on some poor persons dresser. I like to pick up special things from a region – maybe handmade paper or olive oil – but truthfully, pictures you take are always the best souvenirs!

    • I agree, pictures never fail to be perfect memory keepsakes. And I, too, like to bring back special things, not the typical souvenirs – even did that on my business trips. So now I have xmas ornaments from Zurich, a travel bag from Istanbul, a bowl from Prague,… and each time I use them, I think of the places I have been to.

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