Got some Sunday Booze?

Today, I did a most unusual thing for me on a Sunday: I went to the supermarket. A bit of advice: If you really MUST go shopping on a Sunday in Mexico, be prepared to spend hours at the store.

English: Limes at a market.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since people here work 6 days a week, Sunday is the preferred family shopping day, especially on a rainy day (Hello, rainy season!). And as Mexican couples in average have 13.5 children, the stores get crowded very fast. Today it took me forever to only pick a few limes, as one big family had a little gathering and lime touching experience. I mean, it is nice to watch as lime touching and sniffing seems a big hit, and everybody was laughing and chatting – it crossed my mind that maybe we are all much too spoilt that we cannot enjoy fruit picking the way that this nice Mexican family did. But then I stopped thinking about it for it was my turn to pick some limes, yay!

Another point why shopping on a Sunday is different from the rest of the week is that the booze department is closed. First time that we went shopping on a Sunday, we wanted to buy some wine. But what was that? They had put a chain around the liquor department. Was that decoration? Or were they about to renovate this area? My husband wanted to be smart and just reach over the chain, but a security guy spotted us and told us that we couldn’t buy liquor on a Sunday. Ha, I thought, probably that’s because of God.

And I racked my brains whether there was anything in the bible about not drinking on Sundays… I couldn’t remember anything about that subject, but you never know. However, since we were in serious need of a bottle of wine (oh dear, one of our many flaws, I admit), we went to the next supermarket and hooray, there the liquor department was open and no security guard to be seen.

English: Display of liquor bottles

English: Display of liquor bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We picked a couple of bottles and went to the cash register. The friendly lady at the register shook her head in regret, told us we couldn’t buy alcohol on a Sunday after 12pm and put our bottles to the side.

Now we were curious. What is it with this strange liquor law? And later we should find out: In order to keep people from getting completely drunk on their only free day in a week, it is prohibited to sell alcohol after 12pm. This way, the government wants to make sure everybody shows up at work on Mondays.

Yeah, right, that should work. Just buy all your booze prior to 12 and you are good to go – and free to get drunk as a lord. What’s the difference? To me it seems like a very weird and slightly desperate system, and in my opinion it doesn’t work either. Whenever I made an appointment with a handyman for a Monday, I could be sure he wouldn’t show up. Maybe the best solution would be to eliminate Mondays. Call it Sunday II and let the poor working guys use it to sober up.

Drunk Star

Drunk Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “Got some Sunday Booze?

  1. Sundays in Mexico must be like China every day. It’s not the number of children that is the issue but rather that people tend to go shopping in family units – grandpa, grandma, parents and kid. Waiting in line at the end is not my favorite thing. Thanks for the smile.

    • Ha, they like to do that here, too. Always travelling in packs. It is so funny how similar things seem between China and Mexico! Thanks for your feedback!

  2. I’m originally from Wisconsin in the US. We can buy alcohol any day of the week, but in Minnesota (which is a neighboring state), you can’t buy liquor on Sundays. Minnesotans who live close to the Wisconsin border just come to Wisconsin to buy their alcohol on Sundays. I just looked it up and they are one of 14 states that prohibit the sale of liquor on Sundays – and I also learned that at least 13 states (Wisconsin included) ban the sale of automobiles on Sundays. I don’t think anyone can explain why these laws still exist!

    • No car sales on Sundays? How very weird! I personally believe that the more things you prohibit, the more attractive they get. And keeping people away from whatever drugs never really seems to work. Don’t know whether it works when it comes to cars… Funny! Thank you for stopping by!

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