Just one of those days…

What’s up with the stars today? It seems to be one of those days when everything goes wrong.

I woke up fairly early this morning (to be more precise: at 3am), because I remembered I had forgotten to iron my uniform for today. Upon which I had trouble going back to sleep and when I did, I was haunted by terrible stressful nightmares that all had to do with the tedious work of ironing. So finally, instead of doing my morning yoga and meditation, I got out the ironing board.


Taurus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At this point I might owe you a little background information: I am a taurus. I don’t like to rush things. My method is to think things through, make a schedule that allows me a lot of time and buffer for possible contingencies, all the while I am still sipping my tea. Yes, that’s me at the age of 36. Any ideas what I will be like once I turn 80?

After finishing the ironing, I took our dog Mrs P. for a walk, but as dog owners will agree, when you feel a little unbalanced and rushed, you can be sure that your dog needs a LOT longer than usual. Mrs P. was sniffing around like crazy, started to chew on some grass which always means she will throw up later. Which she did. Never mind, we got home right in time for breakfast and for feeding the remaining 7 cats outside, I switched into my newly ironed uniform – when my telephone rang.

It was our assistant who informed me that my morning class got cancelled. OK, then, I changed again into something more casual and drove my husband to work. Since I wanted to be efficient and make the most of the extra time, I decided to do my grocery shopping on my way back. It had been raining over night and the streets were slippery, so steady, steady… Yet all caution didn’t help, the tires lost their grip and only by a hairbreadth I avoided a crash into a traffic refuge. My knees were mighty shaky afterwards, but no harm done. Phew.

While I was queueing up at the supermarket, an elderly lady apparently got distracted by a handsome shirtless guy (ok, I made that part up) and crashed her shopping cart hard into my back. Luckily I didn’t fall, but instead I was hanging over my own shopping cart with the handle stuck deep into my belly. Thank goodness there is enough belly fat to cushion the punch.Time to go home and have a nice cup of tea, I decided.

Back home I was up for a pleasant surprise, though. Mrs P. also had tried to make the most of her home alone morning and emptied the trash can. Tea leaves, torn plastic bags, smeared yogurt, the remains of some apple cores – everything flying around and already attracting millions of ants. By that time, I was tempted to just lie down on the dirty ground and hammering my fists on the floor, but that was not the ideal option. Instead I got out my rubber gloves and cleaned the mess up. Meanwhile, my phone was ringing.

Apparently, there had been a misunderstanding. My morning class had not been cancelled and my students were waiting for me. However, it would have taken me far too long to get changed again, get into the car and drive over, so huh…

It was then that I noticed my head throbbing and my little inner voice screaming and cursing, and I kept thinking, what a great day… But then I remembered what I had just thought about during yoga practice yesterday: In yoga, it makes a huge difference when you put on a smile. All of a sudden the tension goes away, and you can hold a pose much longer. Isn’t it the same in all matters of life? So I decided, it was time to put on a smile and go on with the day. It could have been much worse. I could have gotten into a serious accident, that poor lady at the supermarket might have gotten a heart attack (because of the handsome shirtless guy, of course)… And after all, I still have about 10 hours to make this day a great one.

So all of you who might be having a similarly odd day: Just smile! 🙂 (Oh, and have a cup of tea. That, too, helps.)

English: Tea in a Meißen pink-rose teacup 日本語:...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


6 thoughts on “Just one of those days…

    • In my heart I am British. Always waiting for an invitation from the Queen… But she seemed to have been rather busy lately what with her throne jubilee and whatnot… 😉

  1. Hahahaha!… I love it, especially the part about how the elderly lady apparently got distracted by an “imaginary handsome shirtless guy” and ran into you. Thank you for your wonderful post and your positive message about how we should keep in mind the bigger picture when we happen to have “one of those days.” Glad you are ok!

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