How to score a date with a plumber

A lot of expats complain about being lonely, and I (fondly) remember quiet first days in Seattle without speaking to anybody (if I didn’t pop over to the market, that is).

Here, life never gets lonely. Just now, the hermanitos have left. They are plumber brothers and constant guests in this house and the neighbouring ones. Our pool guy had told them there was a problem with the pool pump next door, and they just showed up the very moment I got back from work.

Little word of advice #1: If you happen to get your hands on a worker in Mexico, don’t ever let him go!

The Plumber

The Plumber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were days when I couldn’t help but dream about being married to a plumber as they seemed the most valuable men in this whole country. (Luckily, my husband is rather handy himself, so I refrained from running off with a plumber.) Having said that, today I snatched the two brothers to get them to fix our guest toilet that had a leak.


Not that it hadn’t been fixed before. You see, that is the special thing here: You fix things, they break again, you fix again, they break again. Some call it a vicious circle, I call it poor material or poor craftsmanship or both.

Little word of advice #2: If you score an appointment with a plumber AND you are lucky enough that he shows up, do yourself a favour and make a follow-up date. You will need it, trust me!

Like the time when the hermanitos fixed our water tank. They had emptied it completely and scrubbed it down so it was nice and clean, they installed newly bought devices, and everybody was happy. Until we got the water bill for the next month: About 500 USD! We payed and were not able to find what had caused the high water consumption. Sure enough, the next month as well as the month after, the bills were equally high. And finally, we found the leak: One of the new devices was faulty and for months, we apparently had been watering the surrounding gardens. Time for the hermanitos to return…

On other occasions, they had forgotten to seal things off or install a tiny little, but highly important tool… Oops! Time for the hermanitos to return…

WTF Plumbing 1

WTF Plumbing 1 (Photo credit: timballas)

Tomorrow they will show up again to fix the next door pump. Until then, I will examine carefully what they did today. How I can be sure that they will show up? Well,…

Little word of advice #3: Never pay the full amount right away, you might need a catchpenny for a follow up visit.

Maybe when I am old and grey, I will return to the Riviera Maya. Because isn’t that what old people supposedly do? Find all kinds of reasons to call up a plumber or a doctor or whomever? At least here, you don’t have to pretend anything, you just have to wait for the next thing to break… Because then, it is time for the hermanitos to return!



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