Bye-bye, little Pupuce!

Some of you might have wondered why I have been keeping so quiet lately. The sad truth is that I found our little cat dead on our doorstep, and I have been having trouble dealing with it. Of course, that is a situation only a “pet person” can understand. Someone told me “Uh well, that’s the way life goes.” Well, yes, that is true, and it is true for every loss and every sad thing happening to us, but it is not a great comfort.

Losing a pet is not just losing an animal. It is like losing a good friend or relative. Those little guys leave a big hole in our life once they are gone. Pupuce (which means “little flea” in French) sure does.

He showed up a year ago on our doorstep as a tiny kitten and moved not only into our home but also into our hearts. Never would I have imagined that having a cat can be so much fun! After all, I always considered myself a dog person. But Pupuce managed to always cheer me up, I always, always felt utterly and completely happy just when I saw him, and everything he did was beautiful and elegant.

Also our dog Pippa seems sad since Pupuce used to be her best friend. When we got her she was all mistreated and frightened, and Pupuce treated her so gently that soon she wouldn’t leave the house without him. So Pupuce had to accompany us on our walks which he proudly did. When we passed the other cats, all of Pupuce’ family, Pupuce walked a little taller as if he wanted to say “See, I’ve got my own dog.” And my heart was jumping with joy when I saw the two of them strolling along.

So now our little guy got probably hit by a car, managed to find his way home and died on our doorstep, and the house seems terribly quiet all of a sudden. Our housekeeper A. said little Pupuce would be happy now for he got wings and could fly, and I hope she might be right. Little Super Pupuce sure would like the adventure!


13 thoughts on “Bye-bye, little Pupuce!

    • Thank you. I am sorry for your loss, too. Yes, it is good to remember all the good things. How lucky are we to have experienced all that!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I’m sorry for your loss! I had two cats when I was a kid. They both died about seven years ago, and I still miss them 😦 My mom keeps a small picture of them in her living room and my kids love to look at it and ask questions about the cats even though they never met them. Last week, my dad told my almost three year old that the cats were buried in the corner of his flower garden. My daughter made him show her the spot and now she has “talk” to them every time she plays in their yard. The other day she asked if they could come out and play 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Melissa. It is nice to remember our pets this way, and I think it is great that you even share those memories with your children.
      Since the Yucatan peninsula is based on limestone, we couldn’t bury Pupuce but had him cremated instead. So now we will be able to take him with us wherever we go. After all, I had always promised him he would become an expat cat!

    • Thanks, Sam. Yes, that is true. Better to have one year worth remembering and then have the heartache, than not to have had all this love and fun.

  2. Hi Kristin, I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing about the amazing Mr Pupuce. I can see how devastating a loss like this can be, but thanks for your uplifting post and message. I’m sure Mr P is enjoying and showing off his new wings… 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, it was very unique, and so much fun to watch. Sometimes Mr. P. would hide under a car, wait a little until we were farther away, and then he would come chasing after us. He was the showstopper of the neighbourhood!

    • Thank you so much, Dina! I am sorry, your comment was hiding in my spam file, therefore I didn’t reply earlier. Yes, losing Pupuce was very sad, but it was a blessing having him around for a year.
      I enjoy reading your blog!

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