Hero in Disguise

Captain Future

Captain Future (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all need heroes in our lives. When I was little, my heroes were Captain Future, Captain Kirk and Karlsson-on-the-Roof. Apparently, I was always drawn towards flying people. (And apparently, I was also very influenced by my older brother.)

Since living in Mexico, I have a new superhero. Like all heroes, he comes in a streamlined outfit and has more super powers than just one.

Please meet Mr. OFF.

At first glance, he might appear to be just another mosquito repellent. And true, he fights off all those vicious bloodsuckers that I already warned you about. But like all superheroes, Mr. OFF has many more hidden qualities (apart from the citrussy summer smell that sets him apart from smelly Mr. Autan e.g.):

He removes your nail polish! And you don’t even need a cotton ball! Just put some repellent on your nail and see how you can easily slip it off.

He also removes all kind of surface paint. Before we knew that, we bought some expensive liquid to lift off old paint, but now we let Mr. OFF do the trick. And it also works on newly painted surfaces, isn’t that good news? If you get some repellent under your soles, you can even create very artsy footprint marks!

But his removal skills don’t end here: Mr. OFF also takes off wood sealers and transforms them into stylish tattoos that stick to your skin for hours.

And now to my personal favourite feature: Mr. OFF reduces hair growth! After spraying my legs, I don’t have to shave them for days! Forget about waxing appointments – just ask Mr. OFF to take care of that unpleasant matter. Little word of caution: I have not used it in the bikini zone yet, and dear children, please do not try this on neither pets nor grandparents.

Baby Colt 3

Baby Colt 3 (Photo credit: xopherlance)

The only flaw that Mr. OFF has is that he claims to only be suitable for children over 12. Really? It would be worth a try, but I believe that if you spray babies, they might remain small and cuddly (and possibly hairless) for years.



This being said, Mr. OFF should not be missing in any household!


6 thoughts on “Hero in Disguise

    • How? Well, they have become pretty obvious to me. Mr. R. wasn’t so thrilled about the patches of missing paint everywhere, but I was excited to find out that my legs stay nice and sheer much longer! 😉

  1. Sounds like you have had some pretty interesting experiences with Mr. Off – I too have had my nail polish melt off once, but I don’t think it was Off as the culprit. I wish you mosquito free days!

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