Addicted to Mexican driving

There, I have to say it: I LOVE driving in Mexico! Love, love, love it!

It is so much fun! Yes, there are rules. My husband just got reminded of that when he went to renew his driver’s license. However, rules in this country are meant to be brokenbent.

Sign No. 330 – motorway
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that being from Germany makes me a very spoilt driver. After all, we have the autobahn, don’t we? But on a German autobahn, you have to drive on the right lane and may only overtake on the left lane. Although most people drive on the middle lane, as the right lane is packed with trucks. And everybody who owns a German quality car is driving on the left lane (or people 80 years of age or older). OK, yeah, that’s about 80% of all drivers probably. So in reality, even driving on the fast left lane can make you go really slow.

In Mexico, there are no lanes assigned to the different speed limits. You can just drive wherever you feel comfortable. And you can also use every lane to overtake slower drivers. It’s like a James Bond movie: If you pay attention, you may be able to go left and right and left again and just swerve around the traffic congestion, and I love that feeling!

In Germany, turning lanes are there for making a turn. Here, you can also use them to pass slower cars which is very convenient when there are trucks and busses on every single lane. Because that is the downturn of the free lane choice. So at a traffic light, you just pass the other cars on your turning lane and push the accelerator the second the traffic light gives you the go-ahead. Or even a second earlier.

That’s another advantage: Only one direction has a green traffic light at a time. Therefore, there is no waiting on your left turn. Of course, you still have to pay attention, since some people ignore red traffic lights. Which is ok, you very often can do that, because nobody seems to mind.

Basically, you can do everything: speed, run a red light, tailgate… Everybody is just watching out for him/herself, and nobody holds you liable. Well, as long as you drive a decent car that is. And as long as you carry some cash in your pocket.

English: mexican federal police shieldBecause if some petty policeman does disagree with your style of driving, you just bat your lashes and pay a minor fine (normally between 500 and 2,000 pesos / 40 to 150 USD).

Say what you want, but in comparison to driving in Mexico, the German autobahn is a big snooze!


6 thoughts on “Addicted to Mexican driving

    • Sorry for my tardy reply – your comment went straight to my spam file. Ha! Then I would love to try driving in Thailand. I even feel it is safer to drive this way, because people actually start paying attention (as long as they are not busy applying makeup, texting, or breast feeding). Thanks for reading!

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