I want longer days! …please!

Lately, I have been quite busy with some translation work and editing. As a consequence, I have been thinking about stress.

Airport security line

This is what the beginning of my day usually looked like. (Photo credit: oddharmonic)

You know, it is such a weird thing. In my former jobs I used to travel A LOT. My husband and I were having a long-distance relationship with him living in Switzerland and me living in Germany, so nobody was waiting for me at home. I just packed my bags and went.

As long as I was having a very busy career, I didn’t even think about pursuing any hobbies. The only thing I was passionate about apart from my job was cooking, but I rarely found the time. Most nights I spent at hotels, sometimes I went to the hotel gym, but very often I would just read, hang out in the bar, prepare the next day, and it never occurred to me that I might be missing out on something. After all, I had my job! When being at home, I tried to catch up with all my friends, visited my parents, and basically did all the everyday stuff that I usually had no time for. When I didn’t hop on the next plane to Switzerland, that is.

Clearly, that was a stressful way of living, so when it was time for me to give up my job, I was looking forward to the unfamiliar principle of “leisure time”. Little did I know, because it was only then that the stress started!

Me flambeing some prawns. YUMM!! (Please note the Swiss apron.)

Since all of a sudden, this job alibi was gone – time to find out what I would LIKE to do. And it turned out that I still enjoy the same things I did when I was little: reading, writing, painting and drawing. So I got out my brushes and created children stories for my godson and my niece which was a lot of fun. I also finally had the time to cook as much as I wanted, so I also created a cookbook. Then I started doing yoga every day – and all of a sudden, I found myself in the mornings wide awake, eager to start the day!

Before, I slept until the last minute, rushed to work, and if I had some unpleasant work thing ahead of me, I even wished that the day was over already and I could retire to my hotel room. On a bad day – don’t get me wrong. After re-discovering my hobbies and creating new ones, I couldn’t get out of bed fast enough and still wished the day would have more hours. And all of a sudden, I understood why all retirees seem to have no time at all!

English: Jump! Deutsch: Spring!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now with a part time job that leaves me a lot of flexibility, I still feel that I want to do all the stuff that I used to do before, and that can actually become quite a bit of pressure! A good pressure, but still.

Although I sometimes miss the corporate world, I have to admit that my life has become so much richer. And honestly, I just have no time for a corporate job anymore!


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