Feeling grumpy? Ernesto might help.

Everybody here has been busy preparing for hurricane Ernesto, but apparently, that guy decided to travel farther south. Well, good for him (see, I know how to use that stupid phrase, too!).Of course, hurricane season is far from being over, it lasts until end of October, so there still is a chance that we might get one or two. For private households it means to stock up on groceries, some extra water supply so you can take a shower or use the bathroom even if electricity goes off. During the last few days, you saw gardeners clipping off branches so they wouldn’t fall on cars (or in the pool, wouldn’t that be a major drama?), people getting out their hurricane shutters – all of a sudden, our little neighbourhood was bustling with a whole new energy.

For Mr. R. preparing for a hurricane means providing shelter for A LOT of people, and that requires A LOT of planning. What kind of food do we offer, what entertainment programme, where should everybody sleep, which employees can come in and who won’t make it because they live in an area that will be affected most of the hurricane, etc. Last year, everything went pretty smooth, however, the guests had to remain in the shelter for almost 10 hours. Only then did the hotel receive the official all-clear, and life could go back to normal.

10 hours, though, is a long time. It allows people to get all grumpy and frustrated. I mean, clearly, it is nobody’s idea of a perfect holiday to get stuck in a hurricane, but then – if you book your vacation during hurricane season, you should be aware of the risk. That’s my opinion. And would it really be better to go outside and get killed by a coconut?

Maryland Motorcycle Choice

Maryland Motorcycle Choice (Photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com)

I personally never understand people complaining about safety precautions. I heard somebody complaining once that he had to wear a helmet on his motorcycle. Yeah, that’s a shame indeed. To me it seemed that in this special case, there was not much to be damaged anyway. Why deprive people of their chance to kill themselves in traffic if they apparently want it so badly?

It is the same at the airports. Everybody wants to travel safely, yet a whole lot of people keep complaining about being screened. Now that some airports implemented the full body scanners, people are very concerned about their privacy. Honestly, if you die in a plane crash because somebody overlooked whatever kinds of explosives your fellow passenger was carrying, do you really think your last thought will be “At last, nobody saw my love handles at that airport”???

A "Bombshell" -- not a bomb

A “Bombshell” — not a bomb (Photo credit: Stargazer95050)

And so these very coy people (who will probably expose everything on the beach later) can go for a pat down instead. Can somebody tell me what the advantage is? And indeed, it doesn’t seem to make Mr. & Mrs. Fuddy-Duddy any happier either, after all, somebody actually has to TOUCH them! Though maybe for some people a pat down means the only physical contact in a year, so they go for this bit of excitement – and keep complaining, of course.

Yes, I agree, it would be wonderful if there were a magical machine that would scan your mind instead of your body and go: “No worries, she is a good girl, goes to church regularly, always did her homework, she only wants to go and visit her grandmother.” But nobody has come up with this machine, yet. And on the bright side – this whole security thing is just another beautiful opportunity for us to complain!

So if you feel grumpy and miserable today and need an outlet: Why not hop on a plane to Belize? You will for sure encounter a beautiful hurricane named Ernesto there who will give you a very handy excuse for non-stop nagging.


4 thoughts on “Feeling grumpy? Ernesto might help.

  1. Great post about our attitude checks (and checking the weather before booking your getaway!) I agree that there is a lot of common sense that’s gone missing when people (myself included) go on holiday. Getting killed by a coconut is not my ideal way to go, so definitely agree that safety should be first. But I’m glad to hear Ernesto missed you guys!

    • Haha, I know, death by coconut is so not glamorous!
      Thank you! Yes, we are glad to apparently be lucky and hope that he doesn’t change his mind last minute…

    • Oh dear! I shall keep my fingers crossed it won’t be too bad!
      Here, it is getting very windy and wet, too. I will also try to stay positive when our living room is under water. 😉
      Take care!

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