Nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award

I was very excited to learn that Zhongguo Jumble  has nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award – thank you so much! I can only return the compliment by saying that you, too, have truly inspired me over the past months.

Like with other awards, the nominees are being asked to share some personal information about themselves. However, having been nominated for 2 other awards earlier this year (The Versatile Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award) and therefore, having shared quite a bit with you already, I will follow  Zhongguo Jumble’s lead and instead share what inspires me.

Pippi Longstocking -The TV Series (1969)

Pippi Longstocking -The TV Series (1969) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children’s books inspire me, since they let me dive into my fantasy world once more. Especially the Astrid Lindgren books like Emil from Loenneberga or Pippi Longstocking are a treat I regularly indulge in.

Yoga. Doing yoga always gives me a new perspective as it is a wonderful parallel to life. And nothing feels more healing than seeing the world upside down for a while!

This e.g. is one of my motorcycle pictures that became a xmas card.

Motorcycle trips. We used to do those looong motorcycle trips in the Pacific Northwest, and seeing the magnificent landscape always gave me plenty of inspiration for children’s stories and also themes for my next drawings.

The arts. Painting, writing, music… I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

Cooking. I am hopeless at following recipes. Instead, I always create my own which gives me a lot of joy.

This is my hometown. Plenty of water!

Water. Sitting by a lake or river or by the sea always gives me a feeling of tranquility. I’d definitely say that water has healing qualities.

My mum. Despite having had a pretty tough and literally painful life so far, she is the most cheerful and the strongest person I know.

My dad. When he came to Germany at the age of 18, he “only” spoke Latvian, Russian and Polish – no German, no English. And although his parents couldn’t afford a fancy education, he learned fast and became a very successful business man who now speaks 5 languages! (And in Mexico, he talks in a weird freestyle Spanish that everybody understands!)

People who follow their dreams. I believe that we can do anything as long as we WANT it and are fully commited. The only boundaries we face are the ones, we create ourselves.

My initial thought was to only nominate bloggers whom I hadn’t picked before. But clearly, this is about who inpired me the most during the past few months, so I have to include some of my previous nominees:

Little Grey Box – An Australian living in London writing about everything from the joys of flying to finding your own path in the world.

American TaiTai – Always, always love her posts, no matter whether she blogs about the recent Nordstrom Sale which got my mouth watery or about finding her Mr. Rabbit.

Expat Lingo – Another expat blog of an American currently living in Hong Kong who although on the other side of the globe surprisingly seems to face very similar challenges.

Expat Alien – a truly global citizen who recently launched her first book! Congratulations! Now how is this for inspiration, huh?

The Traveling Times – An expat in good old Germany whose travels around Europe sometimes make me a little nostalgic.

But then we have Wie sagt man…? who while fighting evil German bureaucracy reminds me of why I am not so keen on going back, haha!

Clotilda Jamcracker – A hilarious blogger who regularly manages to crack me up (might be in the name) with her very unique view of the world.

Awakening – A very inspiring blog about finding your pupose in life and following your calling.

Thank you all for providing me with every day inspiration!

13 thoughts on “Nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Thanks very much Kristin! What a lovely Monday surprise. Thanks also for turning me on to some new bloggers I hadn’t crossed paths with before.

    Also, you’ve made me very curious about your dad’s “freestyle Spanish.” A topic for a future post, perhaps?

    • Had some extra time yesterday, so no need to drag things out!
      Yes, I think that is the best part about awards really, that you get to discover new blogs.
      Thanks again & warm regards!

  2. Thanks so much! You know from one of my recent posts that you inspire me, too!
    I sometimes find myself referring to one of your posts, saying, “This German girl living in Mexico I know, I mean, read, said…”

    • Oh, how fun! Thank you! Yes, I also very often tell my husband about your experiences in Germany or about the other expat blogs. It is nice to share this kind of community and to see how we all struggle with the same kinds of things even though we are all so far apart leading very different lives in various cultures!

  3. Kristin, thank you! I’m truly honored! I have to say that your blog is always an inspiration for me as well! I love reading about your daily “adventures” in Playa del Carmen, and I’m serious about getting together for SBUX (or your favorite non-corporate/indie coffeehouse) when you next visit SEA! 🙂 We can hit up Nordstrom Rack afterwards and justify our purchases by telling ourselves how much money we saved! Gah!…

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