Mrs. P.’s got talent

Mrs. P. has a new hobby: At night when I take her for her last mini walk, she dashes out of the door – 20 seconds later she is back with an opossum in her mouth. It’s pretty impressive. And pretty gross, too.

An urban Opossum found while walking in the st...

An urban Opossum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one thing that you need to know about Mrs. P. is that she is the slowest and laziest dog in Mexico. You can’t just take her for a walk, you have to beg and please and wait for her to decide which direction she chooses. After having had a couple of dogs before who all attended dog school, I know that this is wrong, of course, but given that she is a very traumatized, abandoned dog, I am just happy that she sometimes dares to leave the house…

But at night, Mrs. P. forgets her fear and turns into SuperP. Clearly, one of her ancestors must have been a scenthound. SuperP. catches the opossum’s odor, moves slowly and absolutely soundless like a cat – and wham! She got it! Then she lays it down in front of our feet and waits for us to give her a treat. Luckily, she never kills the opossum, so after a minute of drooling, its tongue hanging out, and eyes rolling back in its head, it gets up and runs away. Until next day, when Mrs. P. catches it again. Honestly, if I were the opossum, I would have moved away by now, which proves that opossums are not the most intelligent of all animals.

What stuns me is that nobody ever taught our dog how to do this. It is amazing that she catches them so fast! And it is even more amazing that she doesn’t hurt them but brings them to us. Probably, she would be much happier living with a huntsman than with us, but well, she chose us, what can I do?

Casket Brochure 4

I have always wondered what makes people become undertakers. (Photo credit: Ross Griff)

But it got me thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if we were like that? I mean, everybody is born with a certain talent but it takes us sometimes ages to figure that out, right? It would be nice if we were born KNOWING what career to pursue and not having any doubt about it. I know, some little boys say they want to become a pilot, and they become a pilot. Or some little girl wants to become a singer and becomes Taylor Swift. But have you ever heard a child say that he/she wants to become a let’s say accountant? Cashier? Piano builder? Undertaker?Yes, when it comes to the cool jobs, there are always some people who know exactly what they want to be. Unfortunately, they don’t always have talent. Just think of all those really, really bad actors! Wouldn’t it be nice if those untalented, self-centered people were born knowing that they are supposed to be in the insurance industry and nowhere near the show business? On the other hand, what would people be watching then, because clearly, there would be no need for shows then like America’s got talent or American Idol or whatever they are called.


That’s what I wanted to wear. Everyday! (Photo credit: Shelley Panzarella)

I myself wanted to become a princess. Of course. I wanted to wear pretty dresses and a tiara every day. That lasted for about a year, I guess, then I decided I’d much rather be a farmer. Which is pretty similar minus the pretty dresses and minus the crown. But you get to wear wellies all year long! Naturally, I wanted to be a vegetarian farmer, so I’d just keep all cows and pigs and chickens as pets and make my living selling vegetables. After a while, though, it became clear to me that being a vet would be what makes me happy. Only that I wouldn’t want to put down any animals. So how about a nurse? Nurse was high up on my list until I decided to become a photographer. Doesn’t make any sense to you? Sure about that? Yeah, to me neither.

Well, what I want to say is that it took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. There were so many different things I was interested in (and still are), that I always found it difficult to make a choice. That’s why I worked in so many different fields, I guess. My parents would have been very happy if I had announced, “I want to become a flight attendant” (or a pastry chef or whatever) the minute I started talking. But no, I had to go through all different kinds of phases.

Just imagine a world where everybody was born knowing what their (professional) destiny would be. And we wouldn’t need training, we would just know what and how to do it – just like Mrs. P. There would be no need for career counseling anymore, no more unsuccessful job interviews – because hey, if this guy applies for the position, that’s exactly what he is good at.

And I believe that in a way, we are born this way. If I think back to what I loved doing when I was little and what I love to do now, it’s basically the same. I was always a dreamer, coming up with some fantasy stories (or princess stories!) that I wrote down and illustrated, I was always very fond of all kinds of animals, I always loved to do things with my hands like cooking and baking, and even then, I did a lot of yogic things without knowing it. We just get very distracted and maybe influenced by media and friends and family, and all of a sudden, we are not sure anymore. Sometimes, when somebody asks me for advice as to what career to choose, I always recommend to reminisce about his/her hobbies or favourite subjects as a child. There is a fair chance that this actually might still be the right path!

So how about you? Did you really become a race driver or a top model? How much does your career differ from what you dreamt about when you were little?


6 thoughts on “Mrs. P.’s got talent

  1. I feel very much the same way you do… Took me so long and sometime so wrong ways to figure out what I really want to do. And also now sometimes my personal monsters come upstairs from the cellar to whisper “uuuh are you sure? Is this right? Is this what Mommy/Daddy/who ever wanted for you?” And then it´s up to me to say: “Hey just shut up! You told me a looong time what to do, but this is over now.” I had to work hard to figure out, what MY dreams are (and not suggested from someone else). I think this is also a problem of many people: not to forget that it´s your live an you have to live with it and not to fulfill anyone else´s dreams instead.
    But to your question: Yes, the work I do now is what I love. But my family life isn´t even near to what I dreamed about as a little girl. I dreamed about having a husband and some kids or just a husband whos a real buddy and likes to travel the world with me. What I have instead is a lot of travel pictures I made on my own and a little zoo instead. I love my pets, but it´s not the same. Don´t get me wrong, I´m not unhappy, but I hope that there´s a chance left for my buddy-husband-dream to come true. Soon. Please.Thanks. 😉

    • Well, fingers crossed then, Iris!! 🙂
      Yes, you are right. Our choices are often influenced by other people’s expectations. It’s rather sad.
      Glad you finally found what makes you happy. And yes, keep those monsters at bay, they are completely useless! 😉
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. OMG I just read the first snippet of this and was convinced Mrs P was a child, thank god I kept reading, great post

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