Still alive…

In case you were wondering (probably, you weren’t, but I will pretend you were – makes me feel better) whether I was still alive: Yes, I am.

We finished our move, but actually, moving our stuff from A to B was the easiest part of the exercise. Lately, I’ve spent my days waiting for handymen. Eventually, they show up. Not on time, of course not, sometimes with a 9 hour delay, sometimes days later, but they do show up. Then they install something, they leave – and then I have to wait for them again to fix the thing they did wrong. Well, in all fairness, not always is it their fault but due to crappy material.

And now I am waiting to get telephone and internet access. We should have gotten it 2 weeks ago, but uh well… Someone who knows someone pulled a few strings. But then that somebody that somebody knew turned out to not work there anymore. Back to square one. Now we have a completely new system: We got a transaction key printed on a piece of paper which we had to put up in a way that it could be seen from the street. If a worker passes by, he will hopefully stop, knock on our door and install our internet. Sounds simple? Well, in order to put up that piece of paper, we had to ask security of our compound. Security had to ask their supervisor who then let us put up the sign for 24 hours. I have no idea what happens if noone stops by within those 24 hours. But I will only be waiting until Thursday, because then I will be off to Seattle for a mini vacation!

So, yeah, in case you missed me (which you didn’t, but don’t tell me, I need a little bit of comfort these days), I am still holding up in my little “moving mess”. And on a different note: We love our new house – with or without internet!


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