How I turned into the Miss Marple of the skies

Recently, as you now, I had the pleasure to take a little plane trip again after quite some time. As I mentioned before, in former times I used to fly on an almost daily basis (not only while being a flight attendant), and it definitely is my preferred method of transportation. However, there is just a liiiittle downside…

Is this situation familiar to you: You have already taken your seat and are scanning the incoming passengers thinking who might be your travel buddy this time, and then, sure enough, the person you really, really wish to walk by stops and sits down right next to you? When I was single, I remember my frustration when the most handsome guys all walked past me, and the chubby, smelly nerd took his seat next to me…

Since I am kind of superstitious, I stopped looking at the incoming passengers, hoping to break the pattern. And it seemed to work. This time a nice young couple had reservations for the seats next to me. Huh, what a relief! But then I realized something:

Those were the days… (Like my hair-do?)

There are many qualities you don’t like in fellow passengers: The huge ones who can hardly close their buckle and make you feel like a little sardine. The chatty ones who never let go of you. The snoring ones. The head-droppers. The smelly ones. The nose-pickers. The bossy ones (although this might be a remnant of old airline days, I guess). But to me the worst ones are the cuddlers.

Yes, I get it, young love is wonderful. However, sitting next to a couple that doesn’t stop kissing, tickling, giggling, and whispering in 4 hours can be VERY annoying. Doesn’t anybody teach those kids that there is a time and place for everything? And that an aeroplane is not a bedroom?

So while sitting next to those two lovebirds, I started to feel…old. In fact, I started to feel Miss Marple-like. Not a sexy feeling, let me tell you. I felt like I had to look the other way all the time, which made my loosened up by a massage neck go all tense again, and my smile became a little frozen. Oh, how I wished that this nice sweaty, nosepicking guy from my earlier flight were next to me…

Murder at the Gallop (1963)
Yes, that was me the other day. Unfortunately, my Mr. Stringer wasn’t with me. Otherwise, we might have cuddled a bit, too… (Photo credit: Mr. AEL)

7 thoughts on “How I turned into the Miss Marple of the skies

  1. Is it wrong to say I use my children as buffers against annoying fellow passengers? I find I no longer have to talk to (or be squished by) anyone if I don’t want to. Finally, one advantage of flying with little kids.

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