Please wait!

Yesterday was one of those days… You know: One of THOSE days. Actually, lately I’ve been having plenty of THOSE days, and I am growing a little tired of it.

It seems that ever since we moved, I’ve been waiting. Which is not the case, I went to Seattle for a week, apart from the airports, there was no waiting involved. But other than that, my life has been consistent waiting for 7 weeks now.

English: Santa Claus as illustrated in , v. 52...

Looks like these ladies also enjoyed waiting for Santa Claus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mean, waiting can also be fun. Waiting for Santa Claus used to be big fun. Waiting for the first snow is, too. Waiting for the first kiss – very exciting (and Mr. R. knew how to keep me in suspense). However, waiting for Mexican handymen – not so much fun.

I don’t want to repeat myself. You know how I keep waiting and waiting for them to show up, and when they finally do, the waiting starts all over again for they need to fix what they screwed up. Sometimes, I even forget whom I am waiting for this day, so I started to make a list.

This week e.g. I am waiting for a guy to fix the mosquito screens (yes, still), for the delivery of newly bought furniture, for the telephone guys (yes, again) since our brandnew internet connection has slowed down to one and a bit MB, and I assume it’s the gardeners’ fault who tend to put the phone booths under water (yes, still). But the first people who should knock on my door today are the guys from the gas company.

Yesterday morning, we discovered we had run out of gas, which seemed peculiar since the owner assured us he had filled up the gas tank prior to our moving in. Be it as it may, we had no hot water yesterday, a fact that made Mr. R. extremely grumpy. So I started calling the gas companies. However, since it was kind of a bank holiday (though not a real one… only for schools and banks and people too lazy to work), companies opened a lot later than usual, but finally, I managed to place an order for gas. They promised to be there before 2pm.

At 2:15 pm, I decided to call the gas company again, only to make sure that they hadn’t forgotten about the poor expat with the grumpy husband. I was waiting in line until 3 pm. When they finally answered the phone, they immediately knew who I was to my surprise! “Oh”, she said, “casa 7? Yes, our guys were there, but the hose wasn’t long enough.”

"Mad as a hatter"

A few more weeks like this and I will be “Mad as a hatter” (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)

Right. No need to tell me, I guess. I had only been waiting for SIX long hours. But well, in Mexican time currency that’s peanuts. I had already gotten that loopy that I giggled hysterically upon telling myself that now I was a “waiter”. I know, such a lame joke, but I was already getting a little funny… But anyway, so I called the second gas company. This time, I was smarter and asked them whether they had a hose long enough for this housing complex. They didn’t. Finally, I found a company that do deliver here, but of course, given that it was already afternoon, they promised to come the next day. So Mr. R. had to take another cold shower this morning, and he doesn’t seem to get used to it. However, he tried hard to be more cheerful after he found me in tears last night for yet another day had gone by without me having accomplished any of my set tasks for the day. Let alone having had any social contact or any meaningful conversation (apart from with some fellow bloggers, of course!). After 7 weeks, this programme gets a little dreary…

But here I am. Waiting. Again. And I really hope the gas guys will show up today. It always feels good to cross one thing off the list – because then, there’s room for a new waiting project!


9 thoughts on “Please wait!

  1. Oh dear…. sounds positively dreadful. Maybe this is the real reason so many folks in Mexico have domestic help: not so much for the cleaning and cooking, but for the waiting… Good luck today.

    • That’s a good point! My mum said something similar yesterday, and yes, maybe I should let our housekeeper who is there 3 times a week for a couple of hours step in more often…
      Well, at least I can announce that the gas guys came, and I realized once again that “in the morning” can also mean 2pm. So now I am waiting for the furniture, telephone and repair guys, but at least, I managed to squeeze in an hour at the gym this morning!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I send my warm thoughts your way too. Since my oven kind of exploded last weekend I now have to wait til my landlord comes back. Moving is no fun. Waiting even worse.

  3. I’m sooo sorry to hear about this unfortunate gas incident! But I’m glad that despite this, you’ve managed to retain your sense of humor… and produced a blog post out of your frustrations!! 🙂 Score 1 for German productivity! 😉

    You are more than a waiter! I suppose that sometimes the most interesting ideas (and the best rants) come when you’re in the middle of waiting for something else. So I guess you might call some of your waiting time “research?” A wise (and very funny friend) once told me that a lot of the creative process is the ability to “turn your pain into entertainment” and you’ve definitely got a lot of fodder with your stories!!

    Yes, I concur w/Ms. ExpatLingo, perhaps consider hiring on your helper for additional duties like waiting around for the repairmen. It may help your sanity a little bit. Hope your day is better today!!

    • Thank you, Angela! 🙂
      I love the idea of “turning one’s pain into entertainment”. Very often I get to this point when I feel I have to choose: Do I want to laugh or to cry? Most times I go for laughing, but of course, some days are just meant for a good cry… 😉
      Yes, I might delegate some of the waiting duties to our housekeeper in future – if it is not too technical (like the telephone guys who still didn’t show up), because Miss A. still thinks that all things electrical operate on light that comes out of the sockets… So I believe she might be a bit overwhelmed by technicalities.
      Today is actually a good day, nobody is supposed to show up (apart from Mr. R., I hope), I will start waiting again on Monday only.
      I trust you will be having a big Thanksgiving dinner tonight – enjoy! 🙂

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