Yay, it’s Very Inspiring Blogger Award time!

Recently, Housewife Downunder honoured me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I think, there is nothing more rewarding than being called inspiring… Oh, wait, there is: to be called VERY inspiring! So thanks a million – and again, congratulations on YOUR well-deserved win!

The Rules
1.Display the award logo on your blog.
2.Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.State 7 things about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages.
5.Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.

7 things that you don’t know about me, yet? Well, I have to dig deep, I guess. But OK, let’s go:

1. Apart from my ramblings on this blog, I am not too talkative a person. I could go for days without talking. That’s something I inherited from my dad who always blames his “Siberian roots”. In school, I never raised my arm if I thought I would only state the obvious, and still I hate to talk about things that seem all too clear (and therefore boring) to me.

2. I just signed up our dog for kindergarten. Sounds crazy? Well, since Mrs. P. is still terrified of other dogs, I thought this might help her to get more self-confident. However, dropping her off in the mornings is always hard, and I am not so sure who of the two of us needs to cut the the cord here…

3. If I don’t work out regularly (meaning on a daily basis), I get rather grumpy.

4. Right now, I see “la vie en bleu clair”, since Mr. R. and I are expecting a little baby boy beginning of April.

5. I am terribly claustrophobic. If in a plane I am seated by the window, it can happen that I totally panic. Also, I had to skip the trip up the Eiffel Tower since the thought of being squeezed into one of those lifts with all the other tourists alone gave me the creeps…

6. I seem to fullfill every cliche that there is concerning women: I have no sense of direction, I cannot park my car (at least not when anyone is watching), and I can neither throw nor catch.

7. Following a cooking recipe is impossible for me. I start off with the best of intentions, but then I always end up creating something different. When baking on the other hand, I try to stick to the recipe step by step.

And now for the bloggers who inspire me – 15 (in random order, btw), wow… Well, you will find some of my “usual suspects” which might seem a bit unimaginative, I guess. But what can I do if they just won’t stop inspiring me?! Apart from that, I am always excited when I discover a great new blog, that’s why I am a big fan of these awards. (That and the ego thing, yeah, I’ve got that going, too.)

1. Petroleum Wife:  for her crazy expat life makes mine seem almost boring…

2. The World according to Dina: Love her (bilingual) travel reviews and beautiful photographs!

3. Artist of the Everyday: A very thoughtful and inspiring Seattle blog with beautiful photos and great quotes.

4. Zhongguo Jumble: A very insightful post about life in Shanghai.

5. American Taitai: Not only does Miss Taitai live in my favourite town Seattle, but she also analyzes everyday events in a way that is so much fun to read!

6. Outbound Mom: Her struggles (and successes) in Brazil seem all too familiar…

7. The Perpetual Passenger: Her posts about life in France are not only entertaining but very often mouthwatering…

8. Tales from Hebei: A very funny blog about life in a small Chinese town.

9. Wie sagt man…?: Still one of my favourite expat blogs about life in Germany. Who knew that life in Germany could be so funny?

10. Expat lingo: A very witty blog with great cartoons about life in Hong Kong that very often reminds me of life in Mexico. Strange but true!

11. The Traveling Times: Love her posts about not only living in Germany, but also about travelling Europe.

12. Dubai’s Desperate Housewife: A very funny, yet thoughtful blog about life in Dubai.

13. Lady of the Cakes: A cake loving, language obsessed blogger in Spain – what’s not to love?

14. Comin’ Home soon: Another very funny expat blog about life and parenthood in France.

15. Electric Kat: A blogger close to my heart not only because she is living in the Pacific Northwest, but also because she is focussing on a yogic lifestyle.

Thank you all for inspiring me – even in the dullest of waiting-for-handymen moments! And now go and share the love!


20 thoughts on “Yay, it’s Very Inspiring Blogger Award time!

  1. Aw, thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂
    No. 3, 6 and 7 are definitely very me, except that I’m a lot worse than you. For one, I can’t even drive (and I have tried, believe me).
    Off now checking out some of the other blogs on your list…

    • Danke! Ich weiss ja, dass Du gerade kuerzlich auch einen Award erhieltest, aber ich teile nicht Deine Ansicht, dass das nur Kettenbrief-Kram ist. Ich denke, es ist schoen, wenn andere Blogger Dir so Anerkennung zollen, ausserdem entdeckt man auf diese Weise andere lesenswerte Blogs.
      Noe, auf Deutsch macht das ja keinen Sinn, finde ich, weil die nominierten Blogs alle auf Englisch sind.
      Liebe Gruesse!

  2. I thought I saw a hint a few posts or comments back about you expecting a baby. Congratulations! Opens up all kinds of new doors for expat craziness (and, more happily, new friends). I hope you are feeling great. Any plans for a short “couples-trip” before your son arrives?

    Thanks also for the nomination! (and I, like you, also like reading about other blogs to discover!)

    • Thank you! Yes, I am feeling pretty normal, I am very fortunate! No, no trips on the horizon, our Seattle trip was our little treat before high season kicks in here. Our next big trip will be to Europe in June – with a newborn and a dog, let’s see how that goes! I will then put your strategy into action: use the little one to shield myself from annoying fellow passengers!

  3. I’m a little late to the game, but congratulations, and thank you! It’s a pretty interesting situation that leaves you with the ability to say both of those things in a single sentence. 🙂 I’ve fallen off the blogging radar for a few months and had feared all was lost, but you have renewed my drive to get back to writing, so thank you twice!

    I guess now I’ll also have to get back into reading my favorite blogs so I can nominate others… 🙂

    • Oh, I am glad to hear that I might have tickled that sleeping blogging nerve there!
      Yes, I know, this award is quite a lot of work – 15 blogs? That requires a lot of reading, but it’s a good and interesting challenge!
      So congratulations and enjoy picking your nominees!

  4. Thanks so much, Kristin! And congratulations to you and your husband! When I was pregnant with my first child, one of my friends who was already a mom to four kids said to me, “There is nothing like having your first child.” It didn’t really mean much to me at the time, but after I had number two, I totally understood. Of course I love #2 just as much as #1, but having your first baby is such a special time in your life. To tell you the truth, I actually get a little jealous whenever I see a couple with their first baby because I look back on those days so fondly. Now I’m just a crazed mom who can’t keep my kids’ name straight to save my life – and I only have two kids so that’s pretty sad!

    • Thank you, Melissa! Yes, that’s what everybody says, even my 98yr old grandmother! (Which doesn’t make me too happy being the 2nd child, haha!) I even experience the same feeling when it comes to my friends: Their first baby was such a miracle, the second one, as wonderful as it is, feels more “unexceptional”.
      Haha, I sometimes wonder how large families can actually remember all those names… not to mention birthdays!
      Thanks for sharing!

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