Baboon Butts and other Commercials

Commercials in foreign countries never fail to fascinate me, for I believe they tell you a lot about people’s needs and desires. I haven’t watched German TV commercials in AGES, but probably they are still a lot about beer, finances, and laundry detergent. (I fondly remember the 80s when there were still a lot of commercials for liquor, and tobacco!) In the US it struck me that there was a big demand for diet pills, home trainers and microwave food. Here, people apparently also love their home trainers, but then there are 3 more things that get highly promoted: Cleaning supplies, hair growth potions (really? I hardly ever see balding Mexicans, but maybe that’s because of that, right?), and body toning undergarments.

Home trainers seem to be designed for people who want to tone their bodies without exercising. You basically remain almost motionless while the machine is doing all the work. (That may remind some ladies of their Saturday night routine.) My favourite commercial is the “Body Shaker”, because I can’t get enough of all those wobbling butts and thighs.

What came as a surprise to me was that people here seem to be more interested in squeezing their fat pads around than in actually losing weight. And those commercials are the best! I always enjoy watching out of shape women getting ready for hot dates: The secret lies in squeezing the boobs up, belly in and butt out.

Because while I and possibly you are trying to maintain or get flat butts, Mexicans love their behinds well rounded. Just have a look at this commercial that to me seems totally wrong for more than one reason: a) Wearing leggings should nowadays be punished, and b) Please don’t expose your butts this way, you are not a baboon! (And if you are wearing those leggings after taking an overdose of prozac, please stay inside, otherwise you may end up bouncing around in a public park, and that’s something only Gene Kelly can pull off.)

If these stylish leggings are not enough, though, you can go for a full body armour. Can you imagine your first night with the love of your life (or the hot pizza delivery guy): He slowly undresses you, whispering naughty things in your ear, and this is what he uncovers:


8 thoughts on “Baboon Butts and other Commercials

  1. Oh my! I so need leggins with the arse cut out!
    In fact, I’m wearing leggins today! Don’t crucify me 😉 The trick (for me) is to have my butt and the very tops of my legs covered with a tunic, and then they look great on me. (I have quite good legs, but not the butt to match 😉
    I love ads, and I look at quite a few of them for work reasons. Thanks for posting these.

    • Well, I guess leggings with a tunica are… ok-ish. 😉 You are right, the crucial thing is to cover the butt, no matter how big! At least you know now that if you intend to eat more than 5 whole cheese cakes per day, you should move to Mexico where your then possibly expanding butt would be highly welcome!

      • Your legging-approval (though a tad begrudging) means the world to me 😉
        I’ll be in Key West next week, where I shall eat EVERY SINGLE CHEESE CAKE IN SIGHT. And when the island sinks under my ballooning butt, I shall float across to Mx. Have my mojito ready.

    • Well, leggings with boots just look like tights, right? And I assume that you will wear something long to cover your butt then, so I am pretty sure you look nothing like those crazy commercial chicks!

  2. omg, Kristin… I couldn’t stop laughing from this post and your selected commercials. Yes, you are absolutely right about gauging a culture’s obsessions by the types of commercials that are most often aired. So hilarious with so much… jiggling in that Bio Shaker commercial. Happy New Year to you!

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