Thanks, Doc!

After postponing it for months, I finally went to a local dentist for a professional tooth cleaning last week. I always find there is something utterly humiliating to it when lying there with your mouth wide open, and 2 people poking around in it while you cannot do anything but stare at the ceiling. (Luckily for me, there was a cobweb swinging in the breeze so I could just focus on that.)

Dental hygienists are a rather chatty bunch, I find. And now while it is nice to listen to their little stories, I always feel compelled to let them know I am listening which leads to me making funny noises like “Uuuhuuh…” as a sign of agreement, or a simple “Uuh!” as a sign of astonishment, or “Urgh!” expressing indignation. Clearly, those people have not chosen their profession hoping for some meaningful conversations.

But why does anybody choose to become a dentist? It’s a mystery to me. Any dentists out there who would like to explain that to me? Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of dentists and more than glad that some people shoulder this burden, but I’d imagine it not very appetizing to stare in other people’s mouths all the time. (And I am not even thinking of the people with poor hygiene standards.) Of course, it is common knowledge that a lot of women fall for doctors, but could that be reason enough?

Not to mention other medical specializations. Somewhere along the line some medical student decides to become a proctologist and dedicate his career to this very unglamorous part of our bodies (as if there were any glamorous parts… but you know what I mean!) and deal with poop and haemorrhoids. Why would anybody want to do that? It is very admirable, no doubt, yet I don’t understand it.

But it makes me so grateful that some people don’t mind staring into other people’s orifices or dealing with really gross stuff! So, dear doctors (and medical staff in general), let me say thank you and give you a big smile with my newly cleaned and oh so shiny teeth!

Tooth Cleaning

Tooth Cleaning (Photo credit: pennuja)



6 thoughts on “Thanks, Doc!

  1. Podiatrists/Chiropodists. Another mystery!
    Maybe the answer, in many cases (for doctors), is as mundane as in whatever field there happened to be a vacancy for specialisation when they were at that point of having to decide.

    • I think a podiatrist must have some kind of a foot fetish. There is no other way for someone to choose that special field!
      I also don’t get urologists or gynaecologists… I mean, it’s not like there are only hot swimsuit models coming in for a breast check, right?
      Oh, you really think the answer is that simple? Maybe you are right, but I still hope that there is more to it. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine being stuck with a job like that! WE would rather open a patisserie then, wouldn’t we? 😉

  2. I asked myself that same question and then saw how my cousin (who is a dentist) is reaping the rewards of her education. Oh and did I mention she is raising triplets and jet-setting on vacations, making her own hours and still finding time to workout and have a 20-year olds body? Considering the rewards, looking at someone’s insides is a small price to pay for the lifestyle they get IMO. If only I had become a doctor… jk!

    • Wow, really? And so do you know why she chose this particular field of medicine? For financial reasons? Or is she just obsessed with teeth? 😉
      Well, I guess how much you earn depends on the country. I know a German dentist who doesn’t lead a very luxurious life, but he comes from a dentist family so I assume that his career choice was kind of limited.
      Thanks for shedding light on this matter for me!

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