Run, Baby, Run!

Our housekeepers M&M (whom  I love dearly, I have to add) are always a fountain of wisdom when it comes to raising a child. (Some of you might still remember the pregnancy tips I received.) So, dear mothers, this is for you (and of course for everyone else who finds these old wives’ tales entertaining).

If you want your child to walk, there are 2 options which you might find helpful:

  1. Apply some raw egg white to the hollow of their knees. Don’t ask me why this should work. I asked, but apparently it is just some kind of miracle remedy. I have to ask for a good use for the egg yolk, as I would hate to see it go to waste, though. Maybe applying egg yolk to your left ear will make you better at mathematics?
  2. Put your baby on hot sand. He will run in an instance, they assured me. Really? Maybe we should carry all fat people to the beach on a hot day and have them run, too. Weight loss guaranteed.


9 thoughts on “Run, Baby, Run!

  1. I especially love recommendation number 2…
    is there any scientific evidence about the hot sand…
    think I’d be more tempted to plaster myself in factor 50 and go to sleep!
    Emma x.

    • Well, I’d say this is a traditional Mexican experiment that needs no scientific proof. And just imagine number 1 and 2 combined – that’s how you raise the next Speedy Gonzalez probably.
      Your approach seems a lot more relaxed. It seems that a lot of people had the same idea, but from what I see every day on the beach not terribly efficient. 😉 Thanks for reading!

  2. Fascinating! Haha!! Loved your comment about the beach…and the baby video is so cute! Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Easter Kristin :- ) xx

    • Thank you, Sherri! Well, it wasn’t terribly “easterly”. No bunnies hopping about, no chocolate eggs melting in the sun, we were merely watching large Mexican families getting drunk on the beach. But we did have a relaxing afternoon. 🙂 I hope you were enjoying some family time and got plenty of easter eggs! xx

      • Well, that is not quite not the Easter you planned I’m sure but I’m really glad to hear that you got to relax 🙂
        We did have some good family time thanks Kristen and yes, we did enjoy some lovely Easter eggs…although my daughter is on a diet and so shunned them all (she has far more will power than I do when she puts her mind to it!!! ) xx

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