Botox anybody?

Recently, I went to see an ophthalmologist. He’s a nice guy, and we were talking and laughing – and then it happened: He took a step back, squinted, and suggested botox injections around my eyes. Say what? I was flabbergasted. Not because I had been unaware of those dozens of laughter lines around my eyes, but because I kind of like them and never thought that anybody would actually find them ugly. I replied that I didn’t mind the lines, and now it was his turn to look confused. Then he shrug his shoulders and said, well, yes, Europeans always went for a more natural look.

However, this conversation got stuck in my head. As you can imagine, I spent a good amount of time in front of every mirror I came across, squinting, smiling at myself, looking at myself from every possible angle and in various lights and came to the conclusion that I still like those lines and would never consider botox. Don’t get me wrong, I am all pro plastic surgery. If I was married to a plastic surgeon, I would by now look like Angelina Jolie. At least if I managed to move to a different continent and not see my family for a while because having a new face must be worse than wearing a new sweater. I already hate it if somebody asks me, “Oh, is that new?” And I always go like, “Oh no, I’ve had that forever. Really, just an ugly old thing lying in the back of my drawer.” Silly, huh? Are you the same? So just imagine me being asked, “Oh, is that a new face you are wearing?” I would probably photoshop a few old pictures to back me up when I say, “Oh no, I’ve always looked like Angelina Jolie, you just never noticed.”

So, yes, I would change probably everything about me if a plastic surgeon fairy turned up and all it needed was a tip of her wand. But that’s just because I would want to be prettier, not younger. If there is one thing that I never really understand it’s why people are so obsessed with youth. Doesn’t it say a lot about our society that it appears more desirable to be young than to be experienced? People would rather be 20 and stupid than 60 and experienced.

I know, they say it has something to do with fertility. Men would rather jump women who look like they could be the mother of their child. But which woman in her right mind would like to get jumped and impregnated by strange men? So what is our obsession with youth? We all fall prey to it at least every now and then otherwise we wouldn’t spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year on anti-aging products. You can hear delighted giggles and see blushing cheeks when a woman gets a compliment on how young she looks. And yes, I admit when I look at pictures on FB of friends or classmates I haven’t seen in a long time, I kind of feel relieved when I can see that they, too, have gotten older. Of course, we all want to look our best as long as we can, but do we really want to get mistaken for a younger version of ourselves? Shouldn’t we rather be proud of the fact that we have survived until now?

I remember when I turned 30, I was so relieved that finally I had crossed this “age line” for saying that I was 29 always felt like saying, “I am still a baby”. However, I know a few women who almost had nervous breakdowns when turning 30. Back then I thought that maybe I would feel that way when I’d turn 40, for in my mind 40 was quite a big step for a woman. Now that 40 is  just around the corner, I couldn’t care less again – but maybe my 50th birthday will bring me to my knees? Maybe then it will be time to go for some botox?

Just in case, though, I came up with a few strategies to feel younger longer:

  1. Surround yourself with people older than yourself. My grandma who will turn 100 this year refers to her 90-year old neighbour as “young woman”. No further explanation needed, right?
  2. If you fail at No. 1, get the people around you drunk. It’s a fact that we find others (and ourselves) more attractive when we are a little tipsy. What other excuse do we need?
  3. Move to a sunny place where you can wear big sunglasses all the time. No wonder old people are all moving to Florida.
  4. Become a rockstar. Rockstars are never ashamed of their wrinkles.
  5. If you fail at No. 4, wear a shirt that says, “I slept with Mick Jagger.” Then nobody will mind your wrinkles, you’ll be cool anyway.

Happy Aging!


Join my exclusive Club of the Ageless

Every now and then, my parents and in-laws surprise us with German films on DVD. And although we always enjoy watching something from home (preferably from our home town where we then can try to figure out streets and neighbourhoods), there is something highly disturbing about it: The actors are getting older!

English: Mickey Rourke at the Cannes film festival

Plastic surgery? What are you talking about? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, German actors are not so much into botox and plastic surgery as their Hollywood colleagues, and of course, not having seen them on the screen for some years makes the aging process even more obvious. All of a sudden, the actor I have always had a crush on, has gone bald! And the formerly doe-eyed actress shows signs of sagging skin, and her eyes – not so “doey” anymore. I have to say that sometimes I am highly indignant about this most unfortunate development. What’s happening to these people? Why is it that the world around us ages so much faster than ourselves? While we remain the same, day after day, children grow up, other people’s parents grow old – not my own, though, they haven’t changed a bit, I swear! The secret to this everlasting youth? My world stands still! I believe it must have stopped sometime in the early 90s (luckily not fashionwise!).

That’s why when I am reading about some celebrities who were born let’s say 1993, I am always surprised that they can already walk! Honestly, those kids sure learn fast these days! Oh, wait… born 1993 means they are already 20, right? Which is kind of weird since I who was born in the 70s am also only in my 20s. (Yes, that’s right, it’s because time for me stopped in the 90s. See, it all makes sense!)

I have to say that I feel very comfy in my little time bubble that I share with friends and family and Robert Redford. If only we didn’t have to watch the world around us age!

Robert Redford

The only thing that has changed is the haircut! (Photo credit: mturro)