Join my exclusive Club of the Ageless

Every now and then, my parents and in-laws surprise us with German films on DVD. And although we always enjoy watching something from home (preferably from our home town where we then can try to figure out streets and neighbourhoods), there is something highly disturbing about it: The actors are getting older!

English: Mickey Rourke at the Cannes film festival

Plastic surgery? What are you talking about? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, German actors are not so much into botox and plastic surgery as their Hollywood colleagues, and of course, not having seen them on the screen for some years makes the aging process even more obvious. All of a sudden, the actor I have always had a crush on, has gone bald! And the formerly doe-eyed actress shows signs of sagging skin, and her eyes – not so “doey” anymore. I have to say that sometimes I am highly indignant about this most unfortunate development. What’s happening to these people? Why is it that the world around us ages so much faster than ourselves? While we remain the same, day after day, children grow up, other people’s parents grow old – not my own, though, they haven’t changed a bit, I swear! The secret to this everlasting youth? My world stands still! I believe it must have stopped sometime in the early 90s (luckily not fashionwise!).

That’s why when I am reading about some celebrities who were born let’s say 1993, I am always surprised that they can already walk! Honestly, those kids sure learn fast these days! Oh, wait… born 1993 means they are already 20, right? Which is kind of weird since I who was born in the 70s am also only in my 20s. (Yes, that’s right, it’s because time for me stopped in the 90s. See, it all makes sense!)

I have to say that I feel very comfy in my little time bubble that I share with friends and family and Robert Redford. If only we didn’t have to watch the world around us age!

Robert Redford

The only thing that has changed is the haircut! (Photo credit: mturro)


Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

I was thrilled to learn that Expat Lingo nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award – again, thank you so much! Since then I have been pondering what it really means, and truth be told, I have no clue. BUT it feels darn good to be nominated anyway!

So now it is my turn to share 7 things about myself that you don’t know (apart from my parents maybe who are my very loyal followers). OK, so here we go (in random order!):

1. I probably still would marry Robert Redford. A fact that my husband generously tolerates.

2. I get up every morning at 5 am to do my yoga practice and meditation. But that is nothing to be proud of since it is merely a survival strategy for my Mexican everyday life. Ommm…

3. I flunked out of school, because I was so terribly lazy and was convinced that there were better things to do with my time. My parents were so thrilled and I take responsibility for their first grey hairs.

4. I am sometimes getting annoyed at all the breast cancer awareness stuff. There, I said it. Oh, and it is so not politically correct! But having almost lost my mum to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I do not understand why all the focus lies on those pink ribbons. Not that it wasn’t important, but what about the other kinds of cancer?

5. I stopped eating meat at the age of 6 when my little piglet got slaughtered. I only refrained from eating pork at first, until my very smart brother pointed out that little baby cows were also very cute. Everybody should have a brother like that!

6. Probably, I am the only German who absolutely, categorically HATES beer. Urgh.

7. I am kind of an involuntary imitator in that I tend to copy other people’s accents. It can be very embarrassing. (Only the American accent I never got down, still sticking to my British English.)

And now it is my turn to nominate fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award! Apart from Expat Lingo whose blog I just LOOOVE, I would like to nominate the following ladies:

1. The Traveling Times, since her observations of life as an expat in the south of Germany never fail to make me smile.

2. The Time is Write: another very funny woman blogger who writes about the small and the big things in life and who still struggles with the sudden fame that a Freshly Pressed feature brought her.

3. Looking for the Sweet Spot – the name says it all. This talented writer is looking for the sweet spot in anything (even in botox!) while dealing with kids and a bird catching cat.

4. A Big Life: an Australian writer living in a tiny village in Germany. Her pictures very often tickle my nostalgia button.

5.Wie sagt man…? : another expat in a small town in Germany whose story about visits to the doctor totally cracked me up.

6. Brittany knows Best: a passionate traveler whose stories about Mexican ninja mosquitos and lack of a decent manicure made my day!

Phew… I’ve done it! Thank you all for making my life so much more fun!!!